Thursday, June 4, 2009

4 Head CNC router

Check out to see updates on our 4 head cnc router. 4 head intelligent inline spindle auto tool change without the ATC price. Be more productive with the machine by not having to stop the machine to change tools.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

K2 CNC Router faster than CNC Mills

Our K2 CNC router allowed for clamping without the use of a vise. We just used 10-32 screws and aluminum bars to hold down matieral that were not square and larger than our vise capacity. We used tabs while cutting the part out of the .200" aluminum material and was able to do it faster than using our CNC HAAS. Since the operation used only one tool we were able to just touch off of the part and zero faster also. Also the special CNC bit and High 18,000 RPM allowed the K2 CNC router to cut at greater feed rate.

Friday, May 15, 2009

2D vs 3D

I think 2D in some case can make more profit then 3D art work services or product.

1. The 2D takes less time to design and has less hidden cost or issues that you may encounter after a prototype run.

2. Waste- On 3D, if your part come out wrong after 4 hours of cutting, you have just lost profit. 2D takes minutes, and if you scrape a part it would be a fraction of a 3D part.

If you do a lot of 3D work you should definitely research servo motors that helps minimises Scraping of 3D parts.

The CNC industry is better than the Graphic design industry.

I used Adobe to make money, and I feel it is very competitive. Given the program is under $300 for PS or $1500 for the suite, most students can get there hands on the software. If feel that the graphic design demand of work is less than the amount of designers due to the dotcom burst.

With CNC, the skills needed are similar with some added math and engineering background.

With CNC you can make 3D products, not just a printed material.

go to to see what your imagination and cnc can do for you.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

CNC technology is more affordable.

I think the technology of CNC is now reasonablie priced. You can now buy a 4 axis machine for under $20,000. is a company that sells machines for a reasonable price.